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Made to Measure

Made to measure shoes are a small extravagance that can make a whole world of difference to you. Made to measure shoes are created for you, to your specific requirements, with your design input, with the materials that you want and are made to fit your exact foot shape.

Design & Shape Selection

In modern era, design of the shoe is important. It reflects your personality. The right shoe can help keep your feet healthy and your body safe from injury. Shoes should cushion and support your feet, feel comfortable and fit well.

Material Selection

Material selection is the obvious stage at which to address sustainability. Whatever materials are chosen have a knock-on effect on the other stages in a shoe's lifecycle. This section aims to highlight the most commonly used materials in the footwear industry and provide information on the negative impact that they have on people and the environment.

Sample Trial

Bring your designs to life with our Startup Package for prototype development. This stage is very critical for final production. The process includes technical consultation, pattern making, shoe last development, heel and sole making, material sourcing, creation of custom moulds as per project requirements, 3D buckle and accessory creation, sample packaging, trial shoe prototype and final sample among many other steps to prepare you for production.