Feel confident and comfortable with our heels. All of them created with the best quality leather, provided as the best leather’s factory of the world. In Façon we have met the requirements to offer the best quality footwear for women. In this section you can find different heel models: High Heels, Platform Heels, Block Heels.


Women’s dress Loafers are the most appreciated shoes for women worldwide. We want to provide you with the best loafers for women by using the best quality leather and materials. You can choose from different loafer styles that will stand out from the rest: penny, tassel and cordovan. Every loafer has its unique features depending on the finishing details.


Exclusive selection of boots for women crafted by our veteran leather craftsmen using the best quality calf and cordovan leather. If you are searching for the most fashionable women leather boots you will find them as per the order with your customized design.


More than a shoe. This section is created to offer you exclusive shoes around the world. These women’s shoes will feel like a piece of art in your feet with the best materials. Our shoes guarantee to be one-of-a-kind because of the impossibility to duplicate the models.


A block heel brings a statement to your wardrobe, it updates your look instantly, and in the case of my line of course, the textures and contrast colors in the heel make it a ton of fun. Not to mention, the block heel is extremely practical — easy to walk in, much more stable, and does not get stuck in subway grates. It’s a crucial silhouette for Spring, Fall and beyond to inject a contemporary vibe into your wardrobe whether it be for work or play.


A type of shoe in which the heel is raised, resulting in the heel of the wearer's foot being significantly higher off the ground than the wearer's toes. High heels make the person wearing them appear taller, and also may serve to accentuate the muscle tone in the legs as well as make the wearer's legs appear longer.